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Dad and I both agreed there was no need to go to the beach.  No sand in the lube by the pool.  But we didn't need any lube, anyway.  My pussy was juicy from day one.

"Don't be so sad, son, your belly will shrink down after you deliver."

"You  aren't going to tell your parents it's mine, are you?"

"Don't worry, Uncle Will.  When I can't hide it anymore, I'll tell them a bad man in the park made me do it.  That way you can feed your new son right up until I deliver."

"I'm just checking to see if I'm going to be a daddy soon."

"What's the verdict?"

"Hope you don't have anything planned for the next nine months, boy."

When we go to the beach, Dad knows the spots where we can have the most fun.

I knew better than to go into a public men's room when I was fertile.  At least I know this baby will grow up to be hung.

Once Tommy decided he wanted Dad's baby, he was presenting morning, noon, and night.

Preggers always look for the biggest man they can find to knock them up.  They regret it when they're in labor trying to push a ten pound baby out of their cunt.  But then they go back into season and start looking for another big man to breed them again.

"You're starting to get wet, boy.  Here, suck on my finger and think about how beautiful you'll be with my baby making your belly big."  Soon Tom could feel the kid's juices really start to flow.  He's a master at getting them ready to conceive.

Remember men, a blow job is nice, but you've got to put your sperm where they can do their work if you want a son.

Remove that very unsightly pubic hair and become a good smooth locked chastity boy - naked, shaved, protected, obedient, eager, and oh so horny!

You're gonna love being pregnant!

The man Jonathan met in the park took him to a squalid room in an abandoned building to fuck him.  Jonathan was worried about bed bugs at first, but soon forgot about that.  He should have been worried about getting a baby in his belly.